About Magic Retreats

Healing and growth happens in community

Magic Retreats is a project created by Ingibjörg, Baddý and Klara who put together their own magic skills to create holistic retreats away from your daily routine. Project born out of passion for self care, self love and radical acceptance… and let’s be honest – out of necessity too. Retreats are needed, magic is needed and we know you’re ready. We keep seeing it over and over again. Powerful practices that have been known to connect us to our own true magic are what is the retreat’s schedule about. Yoga, mindfulness, movement, sound healing, relaxation techniques, journaling, tantric practices, feminine empowerment coaching, sharing… caring. Self caring and being cared for. We select true magicians to work with us to create a unique experience. Food is prepared to awaken your senses and nourish your whole being, made with pure loving intention to nurture. Our massage therapists prepare treatments to fit the theme of the retreat, complementing your inner work and healing. Guest teacher might join the team to add value to your journey towards your own magic. We select places that resonate with our vision. Places that inspire. Our name is the perfect example – Magic Retreats was inspired by our first retreat held in the West Fjords of Iceland, an important place in the history of Icelandic witchcraft and magic.

We are very much looking forward seeing you on our retreats. Your magic is needed in this world!

Do you want us to organize a retreat for your group?

We can organize a retreat for you or join your retreat as teachers. Send us a line and let’s talk!

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

African proverb